Meissa Vaccines, Inc.


Meissa Vaccines, Inc.


Redwood Life Campus, Redwood City


5,000 SF


DGA Architects


Meissa Vaccines is a pharmaceutical start-up company that applies synthetic biology and genetic engineering to respiratory viruses for the rational design of vaccine strains that solve challenging obstacles in modern vaccinology. Meissa’s innovative platform technology for virus genetic engineering can be applied to multiple pathogens, including COVID-19.

As part of a larger 24,000 SF Spec Lab build-out, Cody|Brock took an existing office space, updated the office finishes, and converted part of the space into an R&D Lab, representing one of the many lab/office spaces planned for this 20-building campus. Beyond delivering the project under budget, CBI is proud to have completed this project safely during the state-wide COVID-19 shutdown – as Meissa Vaccines was deemed an essential business due to its COVID-19 vaccine research. Working with county health officials and the design team, Cody|Brock made schedule adjustments to ensure that all of its trade partners could work safely and made critical late-game adjustments to design and procurement, enabling the lab to accommodate new equipment Meissa needed for research and development.

Photographs by Brandon Bibbins Photography.