1427 Chapin Road


Olympian Gulf Properties




11,300 SF


Essalat Architects


This 11,300 SF historic renovation required the complete renovation of the original brick home and the addition of a two-story steel and concrete building.

The original house was built between 1905 and 1908 by George Farrell, a master brick mason, and was renowned for its use of “clinker brick.” In 1968, the Chiapelone family, owners of the Burlingame Garden Center, purchased the Farrell home and expanded their garden center into it. For over 30 years, Burlingame residents were able to enjoy this early Burlingame home when they visited the Burlingame Garden Center.

In 2004, Cody|Brock commenced the historic renovation which would retrofit the property for office use. The project required completely renovating the original brick home and incorporating Essalat Architecture’s design of concrete slab on grade, architectural concrete walls, decorative steel, brick façade, steel and wood frame, and aluminum and steel windows to create an additional contemporary two-story building which blends seamlessly with the original brick structure.

The renovated structure now serves as the home of Coldwell Banker, which fittingly was founded in 1906 from the ashes of the San Francisco earthquake.